Susie Love - Harmony Vase


Image of Susie Love - Harmony Vase

• 14" Tall
• Hand Painted Art Glass

After attending the University of Kent, Susie Love returned to her native Cheshire where she was involved in the start up and running of the South Manchester Gallery.

During this time she began creating large mixed media painting and collage pieces using pastels and watercolours, together with fabrics and metallic finishes. Using the same, painterly approach, she has developed her own innovative method for producing her work on glass, a medium which has long exercised a fascination for her.

Her technique involves building layer upon layer of mixed media painting, giving both depth and intensity. Susie adds texture to the work by scraping back some of the layers revealing the iridescent colours underneath. In addition she uses the specific reactive effects which arise when differing paint types are applied over each other, guiding the flow of paint before sometimes blotting and scoring the surface.

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